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Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 3-97 dated 12 December, 1997, the Committee on Halls of Justice has been designated and empowered to undertake and handle all matters relating to the construction of the Annex Buildings only proposed to be built within the Supreme Court Old Compound at the corner of Taft Avenue and Padre Faura Streets, including all such other activities as may be necessary or convenient for the expeditious and efficacious accomplishment of the construction projects. 

There is however, an existing imperative need to: [1] strengthen the mechanism for the planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring of all construction projects funded from appropriations of the Supreme Court; [2] integrate and/or coordinate all the activities involved in the planning and the implementation of these construction projects; [3] ensure consistency and uniformity in the interpretation and application of existing procedures and processes, as well as of implementating laws, rules and regulations, on the procurement of consulting services, the award of infrastructure contracts and the implementation of construction projects; [4] assure that all services required to undertake and complete those projects are obtained and secured at terms most economical and advantageous to the Supreme Court; and [5] to oversee and monitor effectively the execution of the construction projects. 

WHEREFORE, the Committee on the Halls of Justice is hereby designated and empowered to undertake and/or take charge of all matters [including, but not limited, to the functions and activities mentioned in Administrative Order No. 3-97] relating to the planning and the implementation of all construction projects funded by appropriations of the Supreme Court, regardless of their size or location. 

This Administrative Order modifies Administrative Order No. 3-97, takes effect immediately, and shall remain in force until furthers orders. 

29 June 1998, Manila.


Chief Justice 

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