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This page features the full text of
    Proclamation No. 189


    Declaring war against graft and corruption and authorizing the Philippine Jaycee Senate thru the graft free Philippines Foundation, Inc. to institutionalize public awareness about a clean, efficient and honest governance.chanrobles virtual law library

    Whereas, the government has time and again stressed the need to alleviate poverty through minimizing graft and corruption in the bureaucracy under existing laws, among others, such as Republic Act No. 3019, as amended and R.A. 6713.chanrobles virtual law library

    Whereas, four lead government agencies, all of which are constitutionally commissioned to eradicate graft and corrupt practices and to implement ethical standards in the bureaucracy, are separately and jointly doing their share in minimizing this age-old problem;

    Whereas, there is a need to forge ties with all sectors of Philippine society to address this national problem of graft and corruption;

    Whereas, it is mandated by law that efficient and honest government officials and employees are recognized thru a system of rewards and incentives which will redound to preserve the integrity of the Philippine civil, policy and military services.chanrobles virtual law library

    Whereas, the Philippine Jaycee Senate, an association of Jaycee International Senators, thru the Graft-Free Corruption Foundation Inc. intends to institutionalize public awareness on the vital role a clean and honest government plays in a country's socio-economic development.chanrobles virtual law library

    Now, therefore, I, Joseph Ejercito Estrada, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby declare my full support to the Philippine Jaycee Senate thru the Graft-Free Philippines Foundation Inc. in its crusade against graft and corruption in the entire archipelago, and its commitment to institutionalize a clean, efficient and honest governance.chanrobles virtual law library

    I call upon all agencies of the government, professional, civic and religious organizations, the mass media and the citizenry to extend their wholehearted support and cooperation to the Philippine Jaycee Senate and the Graft-Free Corruption Foundation, Inc. in this cause-oriented endeavor.chanrobles virtual law library

    In witness wherefore, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.chanrobles virtual law library

    Done in the City of Manila, this 1st day of October, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.chanrobles virtual law library

(Sgd.) Joseph Ejercito Estrada
President of the Philippines
By the President:cralaw

(Sgd.) Ronaldo B. Zamora
Executive Secretary

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