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WHEREAS, the threat to peace and order posed by criminality and other public disturbance requires the dedicated efforts of both government and private sectors;  

WHEREAS, there is an existing mechanism that promotes peace and order and public safety called PATROL “117”;

WHEREAS, the PATROL “117” Program has been institutionalized as per Administrative Order No. 36 dated 3 May 2002;

WHEREAS, there is a need to strengthen and concretize the institutionalized PATROL “117” in order to gain more adherence and volunteers; and

WHEREAS, the adherence and participation of all sectors is of critical importance.

NOW, THEREFORE, I GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

Section 1. Institutionalizing the Hotline “117” Network. — The PATROL “117” Hotline Network is hereby institutionalized as the Nationwide Emergency Hotline Number.

a. There shall be PATROL Hotline “117” Public Safety Answering Center (Call Center) in every Region, Province, City, Municipality and Barangay.

b. The Major Service Responders of Hotline “117” are:

1 The Philippine National Police

2. The Bureau of Fire Protection

3. The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

4. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)

5. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) 

6. The Emergency Assistance and Response Network (EARnet)

7. The MMDA (for Metro Manila), other agencies like DPWH, DOH, DSWD, PNRC, Boy Scout of the Philippines and Volunteer NGOs

8. Others as affiliated civic sector groups

9. Other affiliated public safety volunteers

c. The Emergency Assistance and Response Network is a network of responders composed of Government and Private Institutions/Non-Government Institution, EMS and Special Rescue Unit of the Bureau of Fire, in coordination with the DPWH, DSWD, MMDA, DOH, Government agencies and with the cooperation of Private Hospitals, Electric Companies, Water Districts, Civil Rescue Group/Organization, Boy Scout and Girls Scout of the Philippines and other affiliated public safety volunteers and civic sector groups.

d. The establishment of the “117” Public Safety Answering Center shall anchor on the voluntary participation of the existing private communication carrier/s operating in the locality.

Sec. 2. Institutionalizing the PATROL “117” Community-Based Volunteer Network. — PATROL “117” Community-Based Volunteers Network is hereby institutionalized constituting Volunteer Service Responders Network.

a. There shall be organized a group to advocate, train, organize, mobilize and monitor, (ATOMM) field level implementers of PATROL “117”, headed by the Chief of Police of the cities/municipalities as Team Leaders with the DILG C/M LGOOs as Co-Team Leaders and Members from various GOs and NGOs sectors, such as representative of the Office of the Mayor, Municipal/City Liga President, Municipal/City SK Chairman, Dep-Ed, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Coordinators, BFP, BJMP, NGOs and other affiliated public safety volunteers and civic sector groups.

b. There shall be “117” Barangay-Based Volunteers Service Responders, to be organized in various components such as the studentry, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, SK and out-of-school youth.

Sec. 3. Institutionalizing the PATROL “117” Development Office. — The existing DILG PATROL “117” Development Group activated by the DILG under the PATROL “117” Commission, is hereby institutionalized to implement the PATROL “117” Program, which shall consist of uniformed personnel of the interior sector, and non-uniform plantilla of the PATROL “117”.

a. The Streetwatch Plantilla and IACCAG Plantilla now of the DILG shall be transferred to the PATROL “117” Development Office and shall be called PATROL “117” Plantilla, subject to revision.

b. The said unit shall be headed by a Director with an equivalent plantilla of Director IV, to be appointed by the President, upon recommendation by the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government, subject to Civil Service rules and regulations.

c. The PATROL “117” Development unit shall be staffed with personnel, subject to existing Civil Service rules and regulations.

d. The organization of the PATROL “117” Development office shall have parallel structure in the regional level, headed by a Regional Officer, and in the field level as necessary to monitor in the province, city and municipality of barangay operations.

Sec. 4. The PATROL “117” Commission. — The present PATROL “117” Commission as per Presidential Administrative Order No. 36 dated 03 May 2002, in conjunction with Presidential Administrative Order No. 124 dated 02 June 2003 shall continue to exist.

a. The Commission’s members are:

1. The SILG and Chairman of NAPOLCOM, as Chairman

2. The Chairman of a Private Sector Organization (Foundation for Crime Prevention), as Co-chairman.

3. The Members are:

a. The Government Sector  

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports
The Commission on Higher Education
The NTC Commissioner

b. The Private Sector

The Leading Telephone Carrier
The Kapisanan ng Mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP)
The Bankers Association of the Philippines
The Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Philippine Chamber of Commerce

c. The Chief, Philippine National Police

d. Four other members, to be selected by the Chairman from the private sector/organization.

Sec. 5. Functions of PATROL “117”:

1. Prepare and recommend for the approval of the President proposals, measures and thrust that would effectively respond to the national security and development interest.

2. Prepare and recommend policy on crime prevention, public safety operations of volunteers and stakeholders.

3. Perform such other duties and functions as the President may direct.

Sec. 6. Functions of PATROL “117” Development:

1. Responsible in planning and implementation of the PATROL “117” Program.

2. Institutionalize the Hotline “117” as a nationwide network.

3. Institutionalize the localized Service Responders Network.

4. Institutionalize the ATOMM Team Network (in every city and municipality).

5. Institutionalize the Barangay-Based Volunteer Service Responders Network.

6. Conduct review, readiness test, monitor and evaluate the response capability of all systems in “117” operations.

7. The PATROL “117” Development unit is the Secretariat of the PATROL “117” Commission.

8. Undertake such other duties as the Commission may direct.

Sec. 7. Involvement of Other Agencies of the Government. — All Government Agencies are stakeholders in the promotion of peace and order and public safety. Hence, it shall provide necessary support in the general advocacy and the implementation of the Program.

Sec. 8. Participation of the Private Sector. — All Private Sectors and NGOs are enjoined to actively participate in whatever capacity to advocate crime prevention and public safety.

Sec. 9. Funding. — Initial budget of the operations of PATROL “117” Development Office shall be sourced from the savings of the Department of the Interior and Local Government allotted to the PATROL “117” Commission and from the community-based funds. Thereafter, funding requirements shall be included in the regular appropriation of the concerned Department.

Sec. 10. Implementing Rules and Guidelines. — The Secretary of Interior and Local Government shall formulate and issue appropriate implementing rules and regulations necessary in the efficient and effective implementation of any and all of the provisions of this Order.

Sec. 11. Repealing Clause. — All other executive issuances inconsistent with this Order are hereby amended, repealed or modified accordingly.

Sec. 12. Effectivity. — This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 14th day of July, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Three.
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