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Bureau of Elementary Education (BEE), Department of Education (DepEd)
   Department of Education

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Department of Education

Bureau of Elementary Education,
Department of Education

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The main thrust of the Bureau of Elementary Education is to provide access, progress and quality in elementary education. It formulates and implements key programs and projects to enable every citizen to acquire basic preparation that will make him an enlightened, disciplined, nationalistic, self-reliant, God loving, creative, versatile and productive member of the national community.

Key Programs and Projects
  • Multigrade Program in Philippine Education (MPPE)

    The program supports the DECS mandate to improve access to and quality elementary education through the opening of complete multigrade classes and completion of incomplete schools in far-flung barangays. It also provides instructional materials, training, school buildings and introduces community support schemes.

    MPPE Projects
    • Multigrade Demo Schools Projects (MDSP)
    • Pupil Learning Enhancement Program (PLEP)
    • Little Red School House Project (LRSP)
    • Integrated Curriculum for Multigrade Classes (IC-MG)
    • Early Childhood Development Project (ECDP)
    The project outlines the broad policy directions to pursue by the State for Filipino children under six year-old.

    The ECDP is being implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Health, and DECS. Services are addressed to children under ____ are delivered in an integrated approach; DOH takes care of health and nutrition concerns of children ages 0 to 6; DSWD takes care of the early education of the six year olds.

  • Preschool Service Contracting Program

    The program is an alternative delivery system to provide preschool education to prospective Grade I enrollees throughout the country through contracting.

    Preschool classes are organized in the 5th and 6th municipalities and urban poor areas, and are provided preschool experiences for 6 months by private preschool providers.

  • SPED Personnel Enhancement Program

    These are short term summer/semester courses, seminar or training workshops and national conferences done year round primarily aimed to hone the capabilities of regular and SPED teachers, administrators, supervisors and other service providers in addressing the educational needs of gifted and children with disabilities and in managing programs appropriate for them.

  • Resource Materials Development for Children with Special Needs (CSNs)

    The development and production of various resource and instructional materials for CSNs include textbooks in braille and in large print, Handbook on Inclusive Education, Reference or Guide Materials for Teachers of Children with Learning Disabilities and Learning Competencies for the Gifted in Grades I-III and Enrichment materials in six learning areas including Computer Education.

  • Early Intervention Program for Children with Disabilities

    This program focuses on the training of SPED teachers and social worker as facilitators to provide parents and other community volunteers with knowledge and skills on educational intervention that should be given to infants, toddlers and preschoolers under age 6 who are disabled or those with developmental delays. The program utilizes the Filipino Adaptation of the Portage Guide to Early Education.

  • Standards for Quality Elementary Education (SQEE)

    This project intends to generate competency standards for the workforce in all levels of elementary education. It draws upon the rationale that the improvement of instruction is influenced, to a certain degree, by setting standards for what the students, as well as other education stakeholders, should know and be able to do.

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Departmentof Education
DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue,
Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
 Telephone Number: (032)632-1361 to 71

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