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This web page contains relevant information from the
Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB).
   Mines and Geosciences Bureau

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Department of Environment and Natural Resources


Contact Information:

Mines and Geosciences Bureau
MGB Compound, North Avenue,
Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone: (63-2) 928-8642 / 920-9120


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ChanRobles Virtual Law Library
Clean Air Act, Environment Code, Fisheries Code, Mining Act.

Chain Saw Act of 2002
Republic Act No. 9175

Philippine Plant Variety Protection Act of 2002
Republic Act No. 9168

Mt. Kanla-on Natural Park (MKNP) Act of 2001
Republic Act No. 9154

Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act
Republic Act No. 9147

National Caves and Cave Resources Management and Protection Act
Republic Act No. 9072

Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000
Republic Act No. 9003

Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999
Republic Act No. 8749

Implementing Rules & Regulations of the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999

Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998
Republic Act No. 8550

Animal Welfare Act of 1998
Republic Act No. 8485

Agriculture & Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997
Republic Act No. 8435

The Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997
Republic Act No. 8371

An Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide (ASIN)
Republic Act No. 8172

Coconut Preservation Act of 1995
Republic Act No. 8048

The Water Crisis Act of 1995
Republic Act No. 8041

Philippine Mining Act of 1995
Republic Act No. 7942

Amendment to the Agrarian Reform Code
Republic Act No. 7907

High-Value Crops Development Act of 1995
Republic Act No. 7900

Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan Act
Republic Act No. 7611

National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992
Republic Act No. 7586

Seed Industry Development Act of 1992
Republic Act No. 7308

Tax Laws Incorporated in the Revised Forestry Code
Republic Act No. 7161

People's Small-Scale Mining Act of 1991
Republic Act No. 7076

Toxic Substances & Hazardous & Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990
Republic Act No. 6969

Lanao del Sur National Parks
Republic Act No. 4190

National Water & Air Pollution Control Commission Act
Republic Act No. 3931

Prohibition Against Cutting of Trees in Public Roads, Plazas, etc.
Republic Act No. 3571

An Act Amending Section Thirty-Six of P. D. No. 705, Otherwise Known as "The Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines"
Batas Pambansa Bilang 701

An Act Amending R. A. No. 5474, As Amended by R. A. No. 6145 (Re: Prohibiting the Catching, Selling, Offering to Sell, Purchasing any of the Fish Species Called "Gobiidae" or "Ipon").
Batas Pambansa Bilang 58

Withdrawal of Lead in Gasoline
Presidential Decree No. 2001

Small-Scale Mining Law
Presidential Decree No. 1899

Amendment to the Revised Forestry Code
Presidential Decree No. 1775

Environmental Impact Statement System
Presidential Decree No. 1586

Plant Quarantine Law of 1978
Presidential Decree No. 1433

The Coral Resources Development & Conservation Decree
Presidential Decree No. 1219

Philippine Environment Code
Presidential Decree No. 1152

Philippine Environmental Policy
Presidential Decree No. 1151

The Water Code of the Philippines
Presidential Decree No. 1067

National Pollution Control Commission
Presidential Decree No. 984

Marine Pollution Decree of 1976
Presidential Decree No. 979

Code on Sanitation of the Philippines
Presidential Decree No. 856

Penalty for Improper Garbage Disposal
Presidential Decree No. 825

Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines
Presidential Decree No. 705

Philippine Fisheries Code of 1975
Presidential Decree No. 704

Revised Coast Guard Law
Presidential Decree No. 601

An Act to Reserve to the Philippine Legislature the Disposition of the Waters of the Public Domain for the Utilization and Development of Hydraulic Power.
Act No. 4062

The Fisheries Act 
Act No. 4003

An Act to Protect Wild Flowers and Plants in the Philippine Islands and to Prescribe Conditions Under Which They May be Collected, Kept, Sold, Exported, and for Other Purposes.
Act No. 3983

Prohibition Against Cutting of Tindalo, Akli & Molave Trees
Act No. 3572

Guidelines on Biological & Genetic Resources
Eexecutive Order No.  247 [1995]) - President Fidel V. Ramos

Task Force Pawikan
Executive Order No. 542 (President Ferdinand E. Marcos)

Environmental Impact Statement System - Areas/Types of Projects
Proclamation No. 2146

Subic Watershed Forest Reserve Law
Proclamation No. 926 (President Corazon C. Aquino)

Quezon National Park - Proc. No. 740|Proc. No. 594|Proc. No. 2

Preferential Treatment of Small Fisherfolks [15-km.Mun. Water]
DENR Administrative Order No. 03

Regulations for the Conservation of Marine Turtles
Bureau of Forest Development Circular No. 08



Reorganization Act of the DENR (E. O. 192 [1987])

Latest Issuances of the DENR

DENR-DILG-LGUs Partnership - Manual of Procedures


Environment Law Resources on the Web

Treaties & Conventions on the Environment

United Nations Agencies & Programs on Environment

National Laws on the Environment [Worldwide]

Environment Associations & Organizations Worldwide

Environment Publications Worldwide

Environment Discussion Groups Worldwide

Additional information on the Department of Enviroment and Natural Resources

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