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This web page contains relevant information from the
Energy Data Center of the Philippines (EDCP), Department of Energy (DOE)
   Department of Energy

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The Energy Data Center of the Philippines (EDCP) is a two-storey energy resource data management and storage facility located at the Energy Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila. It is the sole central repository of petroleum, coal and geothermal energy data in the Philippines.

The EDCP offers the following services:

Data Management (Cataloging, processing, retrieval and sale of data )

Reprographic and Micrographic Services (Blue/Blackline printing, photocopying, microfilm reading and printing, magnetic tape transcription)

Storage Services for:

           Seismic sections (Film and paper)

           Well logs (Film and paper)

          Maps, charts and drawings (Film and paper)

           Magnetic tapes

           Well reports / General reports

Well cores and samples / Field samples

To date, the EDCP has the following technical data in its inventory:

Petroleum Data

  • Seismic Data
  • Reproducible seismic sections
  • Seismic support documents
  • Seismic digital tapes
  • Well Data
  • Cores and samples
  • Reproducible drilling logs
  • Progress / Completion reports
  • Magnetic tapes
  • Other Data
  • Geoscientific reports (Hydrocarbon prospectivity, reconnaissance geology, biostratigraphy, micropaleontology, etc.)
  • Field samples (Processed and unprocessed)
  • Maps, charts and drawings (Aeromagnetic, gravity, bathymetry, location, etc.)
  • Aeromagnetic tapes

Geothermal Data

  • Geoscientific reports (Geological evaluation, reconnaissance survey, thermal, reservoir, etc.)
  • Maps, charts and drawings (Sample location, structural, geological, etc.)
  • Well logs
  • Well reports

Coal Data

  • Field samples
  • Maps, charts and drawings (Sample location, borehole location, microfacies, topographic, etc.)
  • Geoscientific reports (Coal reserve, coal sample, geological evaluation, exploration report, etc.)


  • Consolidated Seismic Location Map (1: 250,000) 
  • Petroleum service contract map 
  • Geothermal service contract map 
  • Coal operation contract map 
  • Ocean, solar, wind energy source location map


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Contact Information:

Energy Data Center of the Philippines

Department of Energy

Energy Center, Fort Bonifacio Taguig, Metro Manila

Information & Data Management Division


Telefax no.:

(632) 840 22 31


Email: [email protected]

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