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This web page contains relevant information from the
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
   Securities and Exchange Commission

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Securities and Exchange Commission

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IRR's Annexes and Forms | General Information Sheet | Forms for Foreign Corporation | Financial Statements Forms

Contact Information:

Securities and Exchange Commission

SEC Building, EDSA, Greenhills
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Tel. Nos. : (632) 726-0931 to 39

Fax No. : (632) 725-5293

e-mail address[email protected]

Directory of Offices and Key Personnel


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ChanRobles Virtual Law Library

Corporation Code of the Philippines
(Batas Pambansa Bilang 68)
The Revised Securities Act
(Batas Pambansa Bilang 178)
SEC Reorganization Act 
(Presidential Decree No. 902-A)
The Securitization Act of 2004
(Republic Act No. 9267)
Securities Regulation Code
(Republic Act No. 8799)
Amended Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Securities Regulation Code
Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Securities Regulation Code (Old)
SRC Rule 68, as Amended
Rules and Regulations Covering Form and Content of Financial Statements
SRC Rule 68.1
Special Rule on Financial Statements of Reporting Companies Under Section 17.2 of the Securities Regulation Code
Interim Rules of Procedure on Corporate Rehabilitation
Interim Rules of Procedure Governing Intra-Corporate Controversies Under R. A,. No. 8799
Guidelines on Intra-Corporate Cases Pending Before the SICD and the Commission En Banc of the Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC Notice on Transfer of Jurisdiction from SEC to RTC
Supreme Court Resolution Designating Certain Branches of Regional Trial Courts to Try and Decide Cases Formerly Cognizable by the SEC
Transfer of Cases from the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Regional Trial Courts
(Supreme Court's Clarification on the Legal Fees to be Collected and the Applicable Period of Appeal in Cases Formerly Cognizable by the Securities and Exchange Commission)
A.M. NO. 00-8-10-SC [Effective October 01, 2001]
SEC Memorandum on the Code of Corporate Governance
SEC Memorandum on the Guidelines on the Nomination and Election of Independent Directors
SEC Memorandum on the Schedule of Fees, Fines and Penalties
SEC Memorandum on the Submission of Reportorial Requirements
Corporate Bulletin On-Line
Securities & Exchange Commission - Latest Issuances
Business Organizations
Foreign Corporation
Joint Venture
Single Proprietorship
Foreign Investment Laws
The 2000 Investment Priorities Plan
Executive Order No. 139 [October 22, 2002]
(5th Regular Foreign Investment Negative List)
5th Regular Foreign Investment Negative List A
5th Regular Foreign Investment Negative List B

Philippine Laws
Constitutional Law, Election Code and Related Laws, Local Government Code, Administrative Code.
National Internal Revenue Code, Tax Update, Code Search, Tariff and Customs Laws.
Disqualification of Judicial Officers (Rule 137), Attorneys and Admission to Bar (Rule 138), Law Student Practice Rule (Rule 138-A),Disbarment and Discipline of Attorneys (Rule 139-B).
Labor Code, Implementing Rules of the Labor Code, SSS, GSIS, PAG-IBIG, National Health Insurance Law, Paternity Leave.
Negotiable Instruments Law, Insurance Code, Retail Trade Liberalization Act of 2000.
Republic Acts, Presidential Decrees, Mga Batas Pambansa, Commonwealth Acts, Acts, Executive Orders.
Civil Code, Family Code, Child & Youth Welfare Code, Domestic Adoption Act of 1998.
Revised Penal Code, Anti-Rape Law, Death Penalty Law, Bouncing Check Law, Anti-Hazing Law, Rape Victim Assistance and Protection Act of 1998.
The Rules of Court, 1997 Rules of Civil Procedure, 2000 Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure, Special Proceedings, Rules of Evidence.

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