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The dual-colored circles around the year 1938 represent the eight member-universities.




In the 70-year history of the league, it is but natural that rivalries will rise in name of school pride and honor. Below are some of the notable rivalries in the UAAP:

 Ateneo-La Salle rivalry

Arguably the most storied interschool sports rivalry in the Philippines. No one is exactly sure how and when it started, leading to numerous urban legends about its origins. (See related entry in the article on the NCAA.)

 Ateneo-UP rivalry

This rivalry traces its roots to when both of these schools were still in the city of Manila before the NCAA even began. The Ateneo and UP players would play friendly basketball games in Intramuros, and it was at this point that the Ateneo de Manila formed the first cheering squad in the Philippines. Now dubbed as the "Battle of Katipunan" with their present location along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.

 FEU-UE rivalry

Aptly called "The Battle of Morayta" due to the street that runs between the schools, both FEU and UE have dominated the basketball tournament, as shown by the number of trophies between them.

 Ateneo HS-USTHS rivalry

The rivalry is usually seen in the juniors' division where in almost all sports, Ateneo de Manila and UST would always meet in the Finals. In Junior's Basketball and Junior's Volleyball, there was a point that the Blue Eaglets and Tiger Cubs met for ten consecutive times. To sum it all up, the Blue Eaglets and the Tiger Cubs met in the Finals for 17 times in Junior's Basketball while 16 times in Junior's Volleyball. Likewise, in Junior's Taekwondo, Ateneo de Manila and UST have won 6 titles apiece. There also other sports that both these two teams dominate so the rivalry is really present in the juniors division.

 UP-UST cheerdance rivalry

Since the inception of the UAAP cheerdance competition, UP and UST have had the best winning records, and one is usually just a runner up to the other. Both schools' pep squads are famous for their stunts and high-energy performances.

 UE-UST rivalry

From 1964 to 1971, the UST Glowing Goldies met the UE Red Warriors eight times in the Final of the basketball tournament, with the Warriors winning seven encounters. It is the longest finals appearance between two teams in the UAAP. In 1967, the two teams were the co-champions of the UAAP.

 La Salle-UST rivalry

Both were known for their numerous basketball championship matches in the 1990s, with UST winning four straight titles at the expense of the Green Archers. In 1999, La Salle defeated the Growling Tigers to win the basketball crown. Their basketball rivalry diminished in latter years due to UST's decline but became a celebrated rivalry in Women's Volleyball, as the Lady Archers and the Tigresses met three times in the championship of the Shakey's V-League tournament with La Salle having a 2-1 edge. The rivalry was carried over to the UAAP.

 La Salle-FEU rivalry

The rivalry was sparked when the 1991 Final when La Salle's final game win was protested by the FEU after a Green Archer was admitted into the playing court after being disqualified. The UAAP Board upheld the protest and ordered the replay. La Salle did not show up, claiming to have won legitimately, and FEU was awarded the trophy. La Salle then had their victory parade pass through all UAAP schools - when they passed through the FEU campus, the motorcade was bombarded with debris. La Salle had to give up another trophy to FEU in 2004, when two Green Archers were found to have falsified documents, thus awarding FEU, their Finals opponent, the trophy. La Salle was also suspended from the league in 2006.

This is not the first time La Salle has fielded ineligible players. Historically, La Salle team was disbarred as early as 1940 when they were still in the NCAA for the same infraction.

Years past, La Salle had also tried to use players from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. The UAAP board has ruled it illegal, despite protestations from the La Salle community.


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