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BAR REVIEWER ON LABOR LAW 2014 (2nd) Edition - By Prof. Joselito Guianan Chan

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July 2006

G.R. No. 146192.  July 3, 2006
Rosalinda G. Jison Vs. Court of Appeals and Emilio G. Jison, Jr.

OCA-IPI No. 05-2190-P.  July 3, 2006
Danilo Legal Vs. Sheriff Elwin D.S. Bacho.

OCA-IPI No. 05-2378-RTJ.  July 3, 2006
Maxy S. Abad & Ma. Amelita C. Villarosa Vs. Judge Alberto L. Lerma.

A.M. OCA I.P.I. No. 05-88-CA-P.  July 5, 2006
Elias R. Borres, Et Al. Vs. Atty. Ma. Isabel M. Pattugalan-Madarang.

A.M. OCA I.P.I. No. 05-2399-RTJ.  July 5, 2006
Alfredo L. Villamor, Jr. Vs. Judge Amelia Cotangco-Manalastas.

A.M. OCA I.P.I. No. 05-2218-RTJ.  July 10, 2006
Pilar Development Corporation Vs. Judge Cesar A. Mangrobang.

G.R. No. 142047.  July 10, 2006
Sps. Sergio and Milagros Ojeda Vs. Andrelina Orbeta.

G.R. No. 142596.  July 10, 2006
Rudencio Tiu and Clarita Tiu Vs. Court of Appeals, Et Al.

G.R. No. 147688.  July 10, 2006
Sofia Villanueva Vda. De Peralta Vs. Julia Porras-Gallardo.

G.R. No. 158805.  July 10, 2006
Valley Golf & Country Club, Inc. Vs. Rosa O. Vda. De Caram.

A.M. No. P-05-2013.  July 10, 2006
Linda Ramos Vs. Linda C. Esteban.

G.R. No. 131276.  July 11, 2006
Philippine Economic Zone Authority Vs. General Milling Corporation.

G.R. No. 159139.  July 11, 2006
Information Technology of the Philippines, Et Al. Vs. Commission on Elections, Et Al.

G.R. No. 172556.  July 11, 2006
Trans Middle East (Phils.) Equities, Inc. (TMEE) Vs. Sandiganbayan, Et Al.

A.C. No. 6747.  July 11, 2006
Atty. Ma. Delia G. Ciocon Vs. Atty. Antonio R. Bautista.

A.M. No. 06-4-02-SB.  July 11, 2006
Re: Request of Sandiganbayan for Authority to Use Their Savings to Pay Their COLA Differential from July 1, 1989 to March 6, 1999.

A.M. No. 06-6-201-MCTC.  July 11, 2006
Re: Creation of the Municipality of San Isidro, Davao del Norte.

G.R. No. 170033.  July 11, 2006
Patricio R. Mendoza Vs. Commission on Elections, Et Al.

A.M. No. P-94-1080.  July 11, 2006
Dinah Cristina A. Amane Vs. Atty. Susan Mendoza-Arce.

G.R. No. 168470.  July 12, 2006
Alfredo Faustino Vs. Heirs of Antonio Tumacder.

A.M. OCA IPI No. 03-1589-P.  July 12, 2006
Corazon and Ricardo Tubog Vs. Renato A. Fernandez, Jr.

A.M. OCA IPI No. 06-2387-P.  July 12, 2006
Antonio S. Liu Vs. Christopher Norman C. Publico.

G.R. No. 144885.  July 12, 2006
Kimberly Clark (Phils.), Inc. Vs. Ernesto Facundo, Et Al.

A.M. OCA-IPI No. 06-2366-P.  July 12, 2006
Mario Neri Del Puerto Vs. Maven Lloren Araña.

G.R. No. 169777.  July 14, 2006
Senate of the Philippines, Et Al. Vs. Eduardo Ermita, Et Al. (E.O. 464 Resolution)

Separate Opinion

J. Tinga

G.R. No. 122472.  July 17, 2006
Apex Mining Co., Inc. Vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue and Court of Appeals.

A.M. No. 04-9-253-MTCC.  July 18, 2006
Re: Creation of Additional Branches of the MTCC at Butuan City.

A.M. No. 05-12-22-SC.  July 18, 2006
Re: Sworn Letter of Mr. Rufino S. Gallano, Relative to His Observations and Complaints on Issues Concerning Court-Annexed Mediation.

A.M. No. 06-7-10-SC.  July 18, 2006
Re: Upward Reclassification of Existing Positions of Utility Worker I in the Court to Utility Worker II.

A.M. No. 06-7-11-SC.  July 18, 2006
Re: Request for Creation of Contractual Positions in the Program Management Office.

A.M. No. 2006-17-SC.  July 18, 2006
Re: Danilo C. Pablo, SC Chief Judicial Staff Officer, Security Division, OAS.

A.M. OCA IPI No. 06-95-CA-J.  July 18, 2006
Isidro Antonio Mirasol, Et Al. Vs. Justice Vicente L. Yap.

JBC No. 001.  July 18, 2006

G.R. No. 107963.  July 18, 2006
Presidential Commission on Good Government Vs. Hon. Enrique M. Pascua, Et Al.

G.R. No. 139554.  July 18, 2006
Armita Rufino, Et Al. Vs. Baltazar Endriga, Et Al.

G.R. No. 153266.  July 18, 2006
Victoria C. Gutierrez, Et Al. Vs. Department of Budget and Management, Et Al.

G.R. No. 167591.  July 18, 2006
Atty. Venancio Q. Rivera III, Et Al. Vs. Commission on Elections, Et Al.

G.R. No. 167755.  July 18, 2006
People of the Philippines Vs. Nestor Veluz.

G.R. No. 168780.  July 18, 2006
Bacolod City Water District Vs. Juanito H. Bayona.

G.R. No. 169514.  July 18, 2006
Confederation of Sugar Producers Association, Inc., Et Al. Vs. Department of Agrarian Reform, Et Al.

G.R. No. 169659.  July 18, 2006
Bayan Muna, Et Al. Vs. Eduardo R. Ermita.

G.R. No. 169838.  July 18, 2006
Bayan, Et Al. Vs. Eduardo Ermita, Et Al.

G.R. No. 169917.  July 18, 2006
Hon. Imee R. Marcos, Et Al. Vs. The Republic of the Philippines, Et Al.

G.R. No. 169931.  July 18, 2006
Atty. Emmanuel R. Sison, Et Al. Vs. Dra. Evangeline P. Morales-Malaca.

G.R. No. 169931.  July 18, 2006
Atty. Emmanuel R. Sison, Et Al. Vs. Dra. Evangeline P. Morales-Malaca.

G.R. No. 169931.  July 18, 2006
Atty. Emmanuel R. Sison, Et Al. Vs. Dra. Evangeline P. Morales-Malaca.

G.R. No. 170265.  July 18, 2006
Galileo P. Brion Vs. Hon. Regional Trial Court.

G.R. No. 170365.  July 18, 2006
Abdul Gaffar P.M. Dibaratun Vs. Commission on Elections, Et Al.

G.R. No. 171821.  July 18, 2006
Danilo “Dan” Fernandez Vs. Commission On Elections, Et Al.

G.R. No. 173119.  July 18, 2006
Insurance Commission Officers and Employees Et Al. Vs. Department of Budget and Management and/or Hon. Secretary Rolando Andaya, Jr.

A.C. No. 5224.  July 18, 2006
Atty. Gabino A. Velasquez, Jr. Vs. Atty. Clemencio C. Sabitsana, Jr.

A.C. No. 6656.  July 18, 2006
Bobie Rose V. Frias Vs. Atty. Carmencita B. Lozada.

A.C. No. 6701.  July 18, 2006
Judge Rolando G. Haw Vs. Atty. Roan I. Libarios.

A.C. No. 6768.  July 18, 2006
ABRA CIGD, PNP, Camp Guan, Villamor, Bangued, Abra Vs. Atty. Jessie Emmanuel A. Vizcarra.

A.C. No. 6971.  July 18, 2006
Quirino Tomlin II Vs. Atty. Salvador N. Moya II.

A.C. No. 7056.  July 18, 2006
Plus Builders, Inc. Vs. Atty. Anastacio E. Revilla, Jr.

A.M. No. 05-10-25-SC.  July 18, 2006
Automatic forwarding to the Court of Appeals of subsequent pleadings in criminal cases already transferred to the said court per people Vs. Mateo.

A.M. No. 06-100-CA-J.  July 18, 2006
Jose C. Diaz Vs. Former Seventh Division Justices of the Court of Appeals.

A.M. No. MTJ-05-1616.  July 18, 2006
Mary Jane Vallentos Jamin Vs. Judge Manuel De Castro, Et Al.

A.M. No. RTJ-04-1878.  July 18, 2006
Chito B. Pacao Vs. The Hon. Jose G. Dy.

A.M. No. 03-11-30-SC.  July 18, 2006
Re: Complaint of Mr. Aurelio Indencia Arrienda.

A.M. OCA IPI No. 05-1764-MTJ.  July 19, 2006
Atilano S. Guevarra, Jr. Vs. Judge Jansen R. Rodriguez.

A.M. OCA I.P.I. No. 06-2444-RTJ.  July 19, 2006
Atty. Nimfa E. Silvestre-Pineda Vs. Judge Amor A. Reyes.

A.M. OCA IPI No. 06-2476-RTJ.  July 19, 2006
Antonio B. Baltazar Vs. Judge Mary Ann E. Corpus-Mañalac.

G.R. No. 117319.  July 19, 2006
BPI Family Bank Vs. Court of Appeals, Et Al.

G.R. No. 153691.  July 19, 2006
Dr. Eduardo Rellin Vs. Miguel C. Belarmino.

OCA I.P.I NO. 06-2413-RTJ.  July 24, 2006
Gliceria Sarmiento Vs. Judge Ramon A. Cruz.

A.M. No. RTJ-05-1925.  July 25, 2006
Grace F. Munsayac C. De Villa, Et Al. Vs. Judge Antonio C. Reyes.

A.M. No. 06-3-07-SC.  July 26, 2006
Re: Request for Approval of the Revised Qualification Standard for the Chief of MISO.

A.M. No. 06-5-19-SC.  July 26, 2006
Re: Draft Memorandum of Understanding on the New ADB Technical Assistance: Program to Support Enhanced Judicial Autonomy, Accountability and Efficiency and Improved Administration of Justice.

A.M.-No. 06-7-06-SC.  July 26, 2006
Re: Participants to the Asean Law Association (ALA) Judicial Cooperation Programme.

A.M. OCA I.P.I. No. 05-1799-MTJ.  July 26, 2006
Jose and Magdalena Cabilin Vs. Judge David R. Pinggoy.

A.M. OCA I.P.I. No. 05-2405-RTJ.  July 26, 2006
Ricky A. Soneja, Et Al. Vs. Judge Philbert I. Iturralde.

A.M. No. RTJ-05-1925.  July 26, 2006
Grace F. Munsayac C. De Villa, Et Al. Vs. Judge Antonio C. Reyes.

G.R. No. 149881.  July 26, 2006
M.V. Casaclang Construction and Supply Vs. Fernando Hora.

A.C. No. 6025.  July 26, 2006
Ongkiko Kalaw Manhit & Acorda Law Offices Vs. Atty. Joe Frank E. Zuñiga.

A.M. No. OCA I.P.I. 05-1758-MTJ.  July 26, 2006
Mely Alpas and Edita Refugio Vs. Judge Alejandro T. Canda.

A.M. No. OCA I.P.I. No. 05-2297-P.  July 26, 2006
Leila G. Berva Vs. Joy M. Diaz San Luis.

A.M. No. RTJ-04-1829.  July 26, 2006
Re: Corazon Vda. De Lopez Vs. Judge Roberto S. Javellana.

G.R. No. 160074.  July 31, 2006
Marguerite J. Lhuillier Vs. Tito Jovy Holdings, Inc., Et Al.

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