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Philippine Supreme Court Circulars

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This web page features the full text of
Memorandum Order  No. 51-2006



WHEREAS, the Supreme Court is implementing a series of dialogues among justices and judges from different jurisdictions with the objective of sharing perspectives on the roles and functions of judiciaries in democratic states;

WHEREAS, there is a need for a dialogue between the Office of the Court Administrator and select judges regarding the problems, needs and challenges in decongesting court dockets;

WHEREAS, the Program Management Office, with assistance from the American Bar Association-Asia Law Initiative, have organized a dialogue on “Docket Management”;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Court authorizes the conduct of the Judge-to-Judge Dialogue on June 1, 2006, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Manila Pavillion Hotel, Manila.

The following justices and court officials are authorized to attend and participate in the dialogue:

Office of the Court Administrator

1.  Hon. Christopher O. Lock
2,  Zenaida N. Elepaño
3.  Jose P. Perez
4.  Antonio Dujua
5,  Reuben P. de la Cruz

Second Level Courts

6. Hon. Manuel S. Quimbo             Marikina City

7. Hon. Alejandro G. Bijasa                      Manila

8. Hon. Teodoro A. Bay                  Quezon City

9. Hon. Fatima G. Asdala               Quezon City

10. Hon. Carmelita S. Manahan              Manila

11. Hon. Demetrio B. Macapagal           Quezon City

12. Hon. Zosimo V. Escano                     Parañaque City

13. Hon. Henri Jean-Paul B. Inting          Quezon City

14. Hon. Leah D. Regala               Quezon City

15. Hon. Jose G. Paneda              Quezon City

16. Hon. Ramon A. Cruz                Quezon City

17. Hon. Romeo F. Zamora                    Quezon City

18. Hon. Victoria Isabel A. Paredes                Caloocan City

19. Hon. Benjamín M. Aquino                 Malabon City

20. Hon. Samuel H. Gaerlan                   Quezon City

21. Hon. Eduardo B. Peralta                  Manila

22. Hon. Rogelio M. Pizarro                   Quezon City

23. Hon. Evelyn C. Cabochan                Quezon City

24. Hon. Benjamín T. Antonio                 Malabon City

25. Hon. Emmanuel D. Laurea               Malabon City

26. Hon. Francisco G. Mendiola            Pasay City

27. Hon. Vivencio S. Baclig                   Quezon City

28.  Hon. Cielito N. Mindaro-Grulla                  Manila

29.  Hon. William Simon P. Peralta                 Manila

30.  Hon. Napoleón E. Inoturan              Makati City

31.  Hon. Nimfa Cuesta Vilches             Manila

32.  Hon. Vicente A. Hidalgo                  Manila

33.  Hon. Floro P. Alejo                 Valenzuela City

34.  Hon. Agustin S. Dizon                      Quezon City

35.  Hon. Lita T. Genilo                  Quezon City

36.  Hon. Leoncia R. Dimagiba              Parañaque City

37.  Hon. Maria Nena J. Santos              Valenzuela City

38.  Hon. Geraldine C. Fiel-Macaraig              Marikina City

39.  Hon. Amalia R. Andrade                  Manila

40.  Hon. Benjamin T. Pozon                   Makati City

41.  Hon. Adelaida C. Reyes                   Mandaluyong City

42.  Hon. Rosa C. Reyes                Malabon City

43.  Hon. Mariano M. Singson                  Pasig City

44.  Hon. Rizalina T. Capco-Umali           Mandaluyong City

45.  Hon. Briccio C.  Ygana             Pasig City

46.  Hon. Philip A. Aguinaldo                    Muntinlupa City

47.  Hon. Amelia J. T. Infante                    Manila

48.  Hon. Danilo S. Cruz                  Pasig City

49.  Hon. Myrna L. Verano               Muntinlupa City

50.  Hon. Severino B. De Castro              Quezon City

51.  Hon. Bayani V. Vargas             Quezon City

52.  Hon. Reno E. Concha               Manila

53.  Hon. Maria Elisa S. Diy                      Quezon City

54.  Hon. Tita Marilyn P. Villordon             Quezon City

55.  Hon. Afable E. Cajigal               Quezon City

56.  Hon. Jocelyn S. Reyes               Quezon City

57.  Hon. Ma. Lourdes A. Giron                  Quezon City

58.  Hon. Adelina C. Bargas             Manila

59.  Hon. Alberto L. Lerma                Muntinlupa City

60.  Hon. Edwin B. Ramizo                Pasay City

61.  Hon. Rosa S. Tatad                    Quezon City

62.  Hon. Reynaldo A. Alhambra                 Manila

63.  Hon. Jesús B. Mupas                  Pasay City

64.  Hon. Trinidad L. Dabbay                      Valenzuela City

65.  Hon.Ramon A. Pacis                  Pasig City

66.  Hon. Ruth C. Santos                   Antipolo City

67.  Hon. Francisco A. Querubin               Antipolo City

68.   Hon. Bayani Isamu Y. Ilano                   Antipolo City

First Level Courts

69.             Hon. Ester T. Villarin                   Las Piñas City

70.             Hon. Encarnación J. Moya-Balbastro           Makati City

71.             Hon. Perpetua Atal-Paño                     Makati City

72.             Hon. Lizabeth G. Torres             Mandaluyong City

73.             Hon. Paulino Q. Gallegos                     Muntinlupa City

74.             Hon. Dina Pestaño Teves                    Makati City

75.             Hon. Maria Filomena D. Singh Paulite         Quezon City

76.             Hon. Thelma Bunyi-Medina                  Manila

77.             Hon. Mateo B. Altarejos             Valenzuela City

78.             Hon. Angelene Mary Q. Sale               Quezon City

79.             Hon. Edison F. Quintín                Malabon

80.             Hon. Maria Paz R. Reyes-Yson           Taguig

81.             Hon. Edwin B. Ramizo               Caloocan City

82.             Hon. Ma. Victoria A. Estoesta             Quezon City

83.             Hon. Manuel R. Taro                   Quezon City

84.             Hon. Ofelia L. Calo                     Mandaluyong City

85.             Hon. Maria Celestina C. Mangrobang          Navotas

86.             Hon. Aurora H. Calledo              Manila

87.             Hon. Donato H. De Castro                   Parañaque City

88.             Hon. Evangeline C. Castillo-Marigomen      Quezon City

89.             Hon. Edgardo B. Bellosillo                   Quezon City

90.             Hon. Fernando T. Sagun Jr.                 Quezon City

91.             Hon. Eugenio C. Mendinueto              Pasig City

92.             Hon. Divina Gracia L. Peliño               Pasig City

93.             Hon. Julia A Reyes                     Pasig City

94.             Hon. Francisco S. Lindo                      Malabon

95.             Hon. Alfredo D. Ampuan                      Quezon City

96.             Hon. Augustus C. Diaz               Quezon City

97.             Hon. Raymundo G. Vallega                 Caloocan City

98.             Hon. Alex E. Ruiz                        Marikina City

99.             Hon. Esteban V. Gonzaga                   Caloocan City

100.         Hon. Rowena De Juan Quinagoran              Makati City

101.         Hon. Liwliwa S. Hidalgo-Bucu             Marikina City

102.         Hon. K. Casiano P. Anunciacion, Jr.            Manila

103.         Hon. Eleonor R. Kwong              Caloocan City

104.         Hon. Gregorio B. Clemena, Jr.            Manila

105.         Hon. Rico Sebastián D. Liwanag                  Makati City

106.         Hon. Henry E. Laron                   Makati City

107.         Hon. Rowena M. San Pedro                Pasig City

108.         Hon. Ralph S. Lee                       Quezon City

109.         Hon. Ma. Teresa E. De Guzman         Quezon City

110.         Hon. Antonio M. Olivete              Antipolo City

111.         Hon. Ma. Consejo M. Gengos-Ignalaga       Antipolo City

112.         Hon. Teresito A. Andoy              Cainta, Rizal

113.         Hon. Wilfredo  V. Timola                      Taytay, Rizal

Resource Persons

114.         Hon. Marivic T. Daray

115.         Hon. Geraldine Faith A. Econg

116.         Hon. Lelu Contreras

117.         Atty. Ildefonso Villanueva

118.         (Judicial and Bar Council)

Program Management Office

119.         Evelyn Toledo-Dumdum

120.         Susana N. Gavino

121.         Catherine T. Comandante

122.         Henry B. Mandocdoc

123.         Eden E. Violango

124.         Leah Renna B. Dal

Participation in the Dialogue shall be on official time.  Above-named participants are requested to give priority to this undertaking.

Manila, 23 May 2006.

                         REYNATO S. PUNO
Acting Chief Justice

Copy furnished:

Office of the Chief Justice

Offices of the Associate Justices

The Court Administrator

Philippine Judicial Academy

Office of the Clerk of Court

The Chief, MISO

The Chief, FMBO

The Chief, OAS

Program Management Office

Public Information Office


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