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12 Section 1. Action by Government against individuals. - An action for the usurpation of office or franchise may be brought in the name of the Republic of the Philippines against:

(a) A person who usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises a public office, or a franchise, or an office in a corporation created by authority of law;

(b) a public officer, who does or suffers an act which by the provisions of law, works a forfeiture of his office;

(c) An association of persons who act as a corporation within the Philippines without being legally incorporated or without lawful authority to act.

Sec. 2. Like actions against corporations. - A like action may be brought against a corporation:

(a) When it has offended against a provision of an Act for its creation or renewal;

(b) When it has forfeited its privileges and franchises by non-user;

(c) When it has committed or omitted an act which amounts to a surrender of its corporate rights, privileges, or franchises;

(d) When it has misused a right, privilege, or franchise conferred upon it by law, or when it has exercised a right, privilege, or franchise in contravention of law. xxx.

Sec. 6. When an individual may commence such an action. - A person claiming to be entitled to a public office or position usurped or unlawfully held or exercised by another may bring an action therefor in his own name.

13 Sec. 21 states: Original jurisdiction in other cases. - Regional Trial Courts shall exercise original jurisdiction: (1) In the issuance of writs of certiorari, prohibition, mandamus, quo warranto, habeas corpus and injunction which may be enforced in any part of their respective regions; and x x x.

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22 1. To join, coordinate, affiliate, or in whatever or in any manner cooperate with any religion, religious organization, sect or church as may be decided upon by the members;

2. To establish, erect, put up, build, or construct any structure, building, edifice, or any architectural or sculptural design in the pursuit or in the furtherance of any of the foregoing purposes;

3. To foster close and harmonious relationships, develop the art of leadership, & promote economic, social and civic consciousness among the members;

4. To take active & direct role in the formulation of local or national policies of the government;

5. To actively participate in community projects and motivate the people toward community development;

6. To conduct meetings, seminars, studies or researches in any field of interest which will promote, enhance or develop the attitude, habits, inclinations, or talents of every member or any individual;

7. To encourage self-discipline, industry, and concern for the common good and general welfare. (Rollo, p. 78.)

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