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1 The nature of the petition is ambiguous as it is worded, as follows: This is a petition for review on certiorari under Rule 45/65 of the Revised Rules of Court . The Court, however, resolved to treat the petition as one under Rule 65 in the interest of justice, equity and fairplay. (Salazar vs. NLRC, 256 SCRA 273 [1996])

2 Annex A, Petition; Rollo, 28-33.

3 Public respondent Bienvenido E. Laguesma is not named in the case title but his Order dated 31 July 1992 is subject of this case. Petitioners counsel, Atty. Manuel N. Camacho had impressed to this Court his inadequacy and incompetency of procedural law and he is hereby sternly warned that a repetition of a similar display of lack of legal skills will be dealt with more severely.

4 Namely: Corina Sanchez, Ma. Angelica Lazo, Nicolas Belleza, Rogelio I. Gomez, Abraham Alhambra, Adelaida M. Espiritu, Servillano Caoagdan, Arlene Sinsuan, David Fabros, Adoracion, G. Camacho, Beverly S. Fernandez, Adora L. Jacila, Teresita C. Estrella, Josefino M. Sta. Ana, Emilia F. Guilalas, Albert L. Brillantes, Rodolfo Tapel, Zoilo Gonzales, Ernesto Balingit, Victoriano Rasido, Isabelo C. Albarracin, Cesar M. Solidum, Leonora V. Buenaventura, Roberto Saura, Diosdado Ricafrente, Alfon Marquez III, Rosario Villa, Gus Abelgas, Stephanie Quirino, Victor L. Lima, Erlindo Alvarado, Atanacio Pascua, Edgar Padil, Rizal C. Benjamia, Edgardo Ramos, Santos Bautista, Manuel Manio, Eladio Aligora, W. Osinsao, Neil A. Ocampo, Maria Teresita F. Naval, Claude Vitug and Isagani Oro.

5 Namely: Herbert R. Rivera, Alberto Berbon, Cindy Munoz, Celso Jambalos, Salvador De Vera, Arnulfo Alcazar, Jake Maderazo, Gon Carpio, Oscar Landrito, Fred Garcia, Cesar Lopez, Ruben Barrameda.

6 Annex C, petition; Rollo, 41-56.

7 Annex B, Petition; Rollo, pp. 34-40.

8 171 SCRA 556.

9 "Annex A," Petition; Rollo, 28-33.

10 see: Petition, p. 9; Rollo, 15.

11 182 SCRA 446 [1990]; Rodrigo Bordeos et. al., vs. NLRC, 262 SCRA 424 [1996].

12 Due to ambiguous nature of this petition, the Court restrained itself to discuss the failure of herein petitioners to file a motion for reconsideration before the sala of public respondent to have the assailed Order dated July 31, 1992 reconsidered.

13 see: private respondents' "Rejoinder," p. 3; Rollo, 133-144.

14 171 SCRA 337, 346.

15 Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc. vs. Joaquin, 263 SCRA 358 [1996].

16 Ibid., p. 368.

17 171 SCRA 556, 569.

18 see: p. 205, "Memorandum," Solicitor General; Rollo, 193-213; Records, pp. 391-393;

19 Ibid., p. 206; Minutes of General Membership Meeting; May 24, 1991.

20 Ibid.; Records, pp. 289-374.

21 Petition, p. 13; Rollo, 19.

22 Supra, p.11.

23 182 SCRA 710.

24 Order dated 31 July 1992; Rollo, 32.

25 Namely: Corina Sanchez, Ma. Angelica Lazo, Isagani Oro, Albert Brillantes, Ernesto Balingit, Victoriano Rizaldo, Isabelo Albarracin, Cesar Solidum, Roberto Saura, Alfon Marquez III, Rosario Villa, Gus Abelgas, Victor Lima, Erlindo Alvarado, Atanacio Pascual, Edgar Padil, Santos Bautista, Manuel Manio, W. Osinsao and Claude Vitug.

26 Annex 39; Rollo, 78-80.

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