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1 Rollo, p. 7.

2Wage Order No. NCR-03 provides in part:

x x x

Section 1 All private sector workers and employees in the National Capital Region receiving one hundred fifty-four pesos (P154.00) and below a day shall receive a wage increase of twenty-seven pesos (P27.00) per day payable as follows:

Amount of Increase Date of Effectivity

P17.00 Fifteen days after publication of this Wage Order.

P10.00 April 1, 1994

x x x

3 Rollo, pp. 7 & 8.

4 Rollo, pp. 74-75; see also p. 28 of the same.

5 Id., at 75.

6 Id., at 32.

7 Id., at 77.

8 Id., at 25.

9 Id., at 10-11.

10 Id., at 13.

11 Id., at 13-14.

12 Id., at 18.

13 Id., at 18-19

14 Art. 129. Recovery of wages, simple money claims and other benefits. Upon complaint of any interested party, the regional director of the Department of Labor and Employment or any of the duly authorized hearing officers of the Department is empowered, through summary proceeding and after due notice, to hear and decide any matter involving the recovery of wages and other benefits, including legal interest, owng to an employee or person employed in domestic or household service or househelper under this Code, arising from employer-employee relations: Provided, That such complaint does not include a claim for reinstatement: Provided further, that the aggregate money claims of each employee or househelper does not exceed five thousand pesos (P5,000.00).

15 x x x

Art. 217. Jurisdiction of Labor Arbiters and the Commission. (a) Except as otherwise provided under this Code the Labor Arbiters shall have original and exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide, within thirty (30) calendar days after the submission of the case by the parties for decision without extension, even in the absence of stenographic notes, the following cases involving all workers, whether agricultural or non-agricultural:

x x x

6. Except claims for Employees Compensation, Social Security, Medicare and maternity benefits, all other claims, arising from employer-employee relations including those of persons in domestic or household service, involving an amount exceeding five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) regardless of whether accompanied with a claim for reinstatement.

x x x

16 Lord and Lady Salon, represented by Teresita Santos v. Hon. Romeo A. Young, Regional Director, Department of Labor and Employment and Ateldo Barroga, G.R. No. 123258, November 11, 1996.

17 Rollo, p. 82.

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