13 C.F.R. § 307.1   Purpose and scope.

Title 13 - Business Credit and Assistance

Title 13: Business Credit and Assistance
Subpart A—General

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§ 307.1   Purpose and scope.

(a) The purpose of Economic Adjustment Assistance Investments is to address the needs of communities experiencing adverse economic changes that may occur suddenly or over time, including but not limited to those caused by:

(1) Military base closures or realignments, defense contractor reductions in force, or U.S. Department of Energy defense-related funding reductions;

(2) Federally-Declared Disasters;

(3) International trade;

(4) Long-term economic deterioration;

(5) Loss of a major community employer; or

(6) Loss of manufacturing jobs.

(b) Economic Adjustment Assistance Investments are intended to enhance a distressed community's ability to compete economically by stimulating private investment in targeted economic sectors through use of tools that:

(1) Help develop and implement a CEDS;

(2) Expand the capacity of public officials and economic development organizations to work effectively with businesses;

(3) Assist in overcoming major obstacles identified in the CEDS;

(4) Enable communities to plan and coordinate the use of federal resources and other resources available to support economic recovery, development of Regional economies, or recovery from natural or other disasters; or

(5) Encourage the development of innovative public and private approaches to economic restructuring and revitalization.

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