13 C.F.R. § 307.16   Disbursement of funds to Revolving Loan Funds.

Title 13 - Business Credit and Assistance

Title 13: Business Credit and Assistance
Subpart B—Special Requirements for Revolving Loan Funds and Use of Grant Funds

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§ 307.16   Disbursement of funds to Revolving Loan Funds.

(a) Pre-disbursement requirements. Prior to any disbursement of EDA funds, RLF Recipients are required to provide in a form acceptable to EDA:

(1) Evidence of fidelity bond coverage for persons authorized to handle funds under the Grant award in an amount sufficient to protect the interests of EDA and the RLF. Such insurance coverage must exist at all times during the duration of the RLF's operation; and

(2) Evidence of certification in accordance with §307.15(b)(1).

(b) Timing of request for disbursements. An RLF Recipient shall request disbursements of Grant funds only to close a loan or disburse RLF funds to a borrower. The RLF Recipient must disburse the RLF funds to a borrower within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Grant funds. Any Grant funds not disbursed within the thirty (30) day period shall be refunded to EDA pursuant to paragraph (e) of this section.

(c) Amount of disbursement. The amount of a disbursement of Grant funds shall not exceed the difference, if any, between the RLF Capital and the amount of a new RLF loan, less the amount, if any, of the Local Share required to be disbursed concurrent with the Grant funds. However, RLF Income held to reimburse eligible administrative costs need not be disbursed in order to draw additional Grant funds.

(d) EDA funds account. The RLF Recipient shall establish and maintain an interest-bearing account designated as the “EDA funds account,” indicating that monies deposited therein are held for funding approved Closed Loans. The RLF Recipient shall withdraw funds or order a transfer from the EDA funds account for lending to eligible borrowers or return of funds to EDA.

(e) Delays. If the RLF Recipient receives Grant funds and the RLF loan disbursement is subsequently delayed beyond thirty (30) days, the RLF Recipient must notify the applicable grants officer and return such non-disbursed funds to EDA. Grant funds returned to EDA shall be available to the RLF Recipient for future draw-downs. When returning prematurely drawn Grant funds, the RLF Recipient must clearly identify on the face of the check or in the written notification to the applicable grants officer “EDA,” the Grant award number, the words “Premature Draw,” and a brief description of the reason for returning the Grant funds.

(f) Local share. (1) Cash Local Share of the RLF may only be used for lending purposes. The cash Local Share must be used either in proportion to the Grant funds or at a faster rate than the Grant funds.

(2) When an RLF has a combination of In-Kind Contributions and cash Local Share, the cash Local Share and the Grant funds will be disbursed proportionately as needed for lending activities, provided that the last twenty (20) percent of the Grant funds may not be disbursed until all cash Local Share has been expended. The full amount of the cash Local Share shall remain for use in the RLF.

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