13 C.F.R. § 307.9   Revolving Loan Fund Plan.

Title 13 - Business Credit and Assistance

Title 13: Business Credit and Assistance
Subpart B—Special Requirements for Revolving Loan Funds and Use of Grant Funds

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§ 307.9   Revolving Loan Fund Plan.

All RLF Recipients shall manage RLFs in accordance with an RLF plan (the “RLF Plan” or “Plan”) as described in this section. The Plan shall be submitted to and approved by EDA and passed by resolution of the RLF Recipient's governing board prior to initial disbursement of EDA funds.

(a) Format and content. (1) Part I of the Plan titled “Revolving Loan Fund Strategy” shall summarize the CEDS and business development objectives and shall describe the RLF's financing strategy, policy and portfolio standards.

(2) Part II of the Plan titled “Operational Procedures” shall serve as the internal operating manual for the RLF Recipient. The administrative procedures for operating the RLF must be consistent with Prudent Lending Practices.

(b) Evaluation of RLF Plans. EDA will use the following criteria in evaluating Plans:

(1) The Plan must be consistent with the CEDS or EDA-approved strategy for the Region;

(2) The Plan must identify the strategic purpose of the RLF and must describe the selection of the financing strategy and lending criteria, including:

(i) An analysis of the local capital market and the financing needs of the targeted businesses; and

(ii) Financing policies and portfolio standards that are consistent with EDA policies and requirements; and

(3) The Plan must demonstrate an adequate understanding of commercial loan portfolio management procedures, including loan processing, underwriting, closing, disbursements, collections, monitoring, and foreclosures. It shall also provide sufficient administrative procedures to prevent conflicts of interest and to ensure accountability, safeguarding of assets and compliance with federal and local laws.

(c) Modification of RLF Plans. An RLF Recipient must request and obtain EDA approval prior to any modification of the Plan.

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