26 C.F.R. § 1.996-5   Adjustment to basis.

Title 26 - Internal Revenue

Title 26: Internal Revenue
Domestic International Sales Corporations

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§ 1.996-5   Adjustment to basis.

(a) Addition to basis. Under section 996(e)(1) amounts representing deemed distributions as provided in section 995(b) shall increase the basis of the stock with respect to which the distribution is made.

(b) Reductions of basis. Under section 996(e)(2), the portion of an actual distribution treated as made out of previously taxed income shall reduce the basis of the stock with respect to which it is made and, to the extent that it exceeds the adjusted basis of such stock, shall be treated as gain from the sale or exchange of property. In the case of stock includible in the gross estate of a decedent for which an election is made under section 2032 (relating to alternate valuation), this paragraph shall not apply to any distribution made after the date of the decendent's death and before the alternate valuation date provided by section 2032. See section 1014(d) for a special rule for determining the basis of stock in a DISC, or former DISC, acquired from a decedent.

[T.D. 7324, 39 FR 35124, Sept. 30, 1974]

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