26 C.F.R. § 1.997-1   Special rules for subchapter C of the Code.

Title 26 - Internal Revenue

Title 26: Internal Revenue
Domestic International Sales Corporations

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§ 1.997-1   Special rules for subchapter C of the Code.

(a) For purposes of applying the provisions of sections 301 through 395 of the Code, any distribution in property to a corporation by a DISC, or former DISC, which is made out of previously taxed income or accumulated DISC income shall be treated as a distribution in the same amount as if such distribution of property were made to an individual, and have a basis, in the hands of the recipient corporation, equal to such amount treated as having been distributed.

(b) This section may be illustrated by the following example:

Example.  X Corporation is the sole shareholder of Y Corporation which is a DISC. Y makes an actual distribution of property to X with respect to X's stock in Y. The property has a basis of $50 and a fair market value of $100. The distribution is treated as made out of accumulated DISC income under section 996(a) and is taxable as a dividend under section 301(c)(1). Even though X is a corporation, the amount of the distribution is $100 notwithstanding the provisions of section 301(b)(1)(B) and the basis the property in X's hands is $100 notwithstanding the provisions of section 301(d)(2).

[T.D. 7324, 39 FR 35125, Sept. 30 1974]

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