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Rule 45. Rules Advisory Committee

(a) Establishment of committee; membership. A Rules Advisory Committee is hereby created for this Court. The Committee shall consist of not less than 9 members of the Bar of this Court and shall be selected by the Court, in such a way as to represent a broad cross-section of the legal profession. Representatives from government, the law schools, and public interest groups shall, when practicable, be included on the Committee, as shall private practitioners. The Clerk of the Court shall be a member of the Committee and shall serve as its Reporter.

(b) Duties of committee. The Rules Advisory Committee appointed by this Court shall have an advisory role concerning practice and procedure before the Court. The Committee shall, among other things, (1) provide a forum for continuous study of the operating procedures and published rules of the Court; (2) serve as a conduit between the Bar, the public, and the Court regarding the Rules of the Court, procedural matters, and suggestions for changes; (3) draft, consider and recommend rules and amendments to the Court for adoption; and (4) render reports from time to time, on its own initiative and on request, to the Court on the activities and recommendations of the Committee. The Committee shall prepare appropriate explanatory materials with respect to any rule change or other recommendation it submits to the Court.

(c) Terms of members; chairman. With the exception of the Clerk of the Court, the members of the Committee shall serve three-year terms, which will be staggered in such a way as to enable the Court to appoint or reappoint one-third of the Committee each year. The Court shall appoint one of the members of the Committee to serve as chairman.