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§ 2712. —  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation advances to insured banks.

[Laws in effect as of January 24, 2002]
[Document not affected by Public Laws enacted between
  January 24, 2002 and December 19, 2002]
[CITE: 12USC2712]

                       TITLE 12--BANKS AND BANKING
Sec. 2712. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation advances to 
        insured banks
    Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Federal Deposit 
Insurance Corporation is authorized, upon such terms and conditions as 
the Corporation may prescribe, to make such advances to any insured bank 
as the Corporation determines may be necessary or appropriate to 
facilitate participation by such bank in the program authorized by this 
chapter. For the purpose of obtaining such funds as it determines are 
necessary for such advances, the Corporation may borrow from the 
Treasury as authorized in section 1824 of this title, and the Secretary 
of the Treasury is authorized and directed to make loans to the 
Corporation for such purpose in the same manner as loans may be made for 
insurance purposes under such section, subject to the maximum limitation 
on outstanding aggregate loans there provided.

(Pub. L. 94-50, title I, Sec. 113, July 2, 1975, 89 Stat. 254.)

                  Section Referred to in Other Sections

    This section is referred to in section 2705 of this title.