March 2005

G.R. No. 156578 : March1, 2005
People of the Philippines v. Allan Sumulat y Giray.

G.R. Nos. 159928-29 : March1, 2005
People of the Philippines v. Michael Chang.

G.R. No. 160846 : March1, 2005
Benjamin Geronga v. Hon. Eduardo G. Valera.

G.R. No. 161461 : March1, 2005
People of the Philippines v. Pedro Purawan, Jr.

G.R. No. 165108 : March1, 2005
Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Et Al. v. The Senate of the Philippines, Et Al.

G.R. No. 132391 : March2, 2005
Joselito Adriano v. The People of the Philippines.

G.R. No. 149992 : March2, 2005
Hi-Tone Marketing Corporation v. Baikal Realty Corporation, Et Al.

G.R. No. 154577 : March2, 2005
El Cid Pagurayan, Et Al. v. The Honorable Court of Appeals, Et Al.

G.R. No. 162087 : March2, 2005
Commonwealth Savings and Loan Bank, Inc., Et Al. v. Court of Appeals, Et Al.

UDK 13455 : March2, 2005
Arnel Alinabon, Et Al. v. P.P. Ramos Construction, Et Al.

G.R. No. 135953 : March7, 2005
Spouses Anselmo and Alicia Juloya v. The Court of Appeals, Et Al.

G.R. No. 166318 : March7, 2005
Toon City Animation, Inc, Et Al. v. Kenneth Nieva, Et Al.

G.R. No. 166337 : March7, 2005
Bayanihan Music Philippines, Inc. v. BMG Records (Pilipinas), Et Al.

G.R. Nos. 52341-46 : March8, 2005
Delia Preagido, Et Al. v. Sandiganbayan, Et Al.

G.R. No. 161288 : March8, 2005
People of the Philippines v. Nieva Alberto.

A.C. No. 6346 : March9, 2005
Judge Edgemelo C. Rosales v. Atty. Audie C. Arnado.

A.M. No. 04-11-654-RTC : March9, 2005
RE: Request to Continue Hearing of Abu Sayyaf Cases For Kidnapping at Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig, Metro Manila.

A.M. OCA IPI No. 00-1002-RTJ : March9, 2005
Mary Helen Estrada v. Judge Bonifacio Sanz Maceda.

G.R. No. 134753 : March9, 2005
Negros Navigation Company, Inc. v. Heirs of Moises Bacquing.

G.R. No. 146732 : March9, 2005
Ex-Cadet Jeremy L. Alunday v. The Secretary National Defense, Et Al.

G.R. No. 163510 : March9, 2005
Philippine National Bank v. Carmen Abalos, Et Al.

G.R. Nos. 165007-09 : March9, 2005
Atty. Gil A. Valera v. Office of the Ombudsman, Et Al.

G.R. No. 165480 : March9, 2005
Ma. Lourdes S. Florendo v. Bank of Commerce.

A.M. No. RTJ-02-1714 : March14, 2005
Helen B. Camara v. Judge Oscar M. Uson, Et Al.

G.R. No. 135611 : March14, 2005
Spouses Reynaldo and Rizalina P. Salomon v. The Court of Appeals, Et Al.

G.R. No. 152949 : March14, 2005
Aklan College Inc., Et Al. v. Rodolfo Guarino.

G.R. No. 164029 : March14, 2005
Center of Educational Measurement, Inc. v. Leticia M. Asuzano.

G.R. No. 124242 : March16, 2005
San Lorenzo Development Corporation v. Court of Appeals, Et Al.

G.R. No. 136326 : March16, 2005
Paramount Insurance Corp. v. Tarcisio S. Calilung, Et Al.

G.R. No. 149734 : March16, 2005
Dr. Daniel Vasquez, Et Al. v. Ayala Corporation.

G.R. No. 166906 : March16, 2005
Zosima Rosario v. Denklav Marine Services Ltd., Et Al.

OCA IPI No. 04-1947-P : March16, 2005
Atty. Gabina Punsalan v. Loida S. Saquilayan.

A.M. OCA IPI No. 04-1878-P : March28, 2005
Bernardo M. Valdevieso v. Hermenegildo I. Marasigan.

G.R. Nos. 135796 & 141213 : March28, 2005
China Banking Corp. v. Mercedes M. Oliver.

G.R. No. 149685 : March28, 2005
Judge Proceso Sidro v. People of the Philippines.

G.R. No. 166497 : March28, 2005
Heirs of Pedro Santiago v. G.B. Francisco, Inc.

G.R. No. 167024 : March28, 2005
Alberto Buzon v. Adelaida B. Alemania.

A.M. OCA IPI No. 03-1834-RTJ : March29, 2005
Marilou Punongbayan Visitacion v. Judge Maximo Libre.

G.R. No. 119775 : March29, 2005
John Hay Peoples Alternative Coalition, Et Al. v. Victor Lim, Et Al.

G.R. No. 159618 : March29, 2005
Bayan Muna, etc. v. Alberto Romulo, Et Al.

G.R. Nos. 167127-28 : March29, 2005
Nerissa Bulao y Reyes v. Commission on Audit.

G.R. No. 141854 : March30, 2005
Orlando Apostol v. Court of Appeals, Et Al.

G.R. No. 143750 : March30, 2005
Rey Salili v. The People of the Philippines.

G.R. No. 153034 : March30, 2005
Development Bank of the Philippines v. Court of Appeals, Et Al.

G.R. No. 154770-74 : March30, 2005
People v. Raniel Augusto, Jr.

G.R. No. 163197 : March30, 2005
Land Bank of the Philippines v. Sonia Pua, Et Al.

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